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Responsible Export / Contry




Our priority is to offer the highest quality services. If you have concerns, suggestions or want more information, please contact us! We do our best to respond in the shortest time possible.
After more than 15 years we have grown to ower 350 parthners spread across the contry and inportant foreign prthners from  Italy , France , Germany , Switzerland, Belgium,Spain, Austria, Norway , Sweden,Netherlands.

Our factory is equipped with the lastest automated production lines ( import Germany ) and covers an area of 20000 square maters , of wich 12000 square maters are occupied by 3 production halls and office Building.
We also have warehouses in cityes such as Salaj , Cluj-Napoca , Maramures , Bihor , Arad , Timisoara ,Bistrita – Nasaud , Suceava , Alba Iulia , Sibiu , Mures.

The priority strategy for future development lies in diversification permanent offer of products and the continued growth of the area outlets by signing new business partnerships with construction companies, developers, dealers and customers who want products with quality and unique design.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our services and products, please do not hesitate to send us a email.

We are always glad to receive news from you! We will do our best to reply in due time.


B-dul Lucian Blaga nr. 250 B

Satu Mare, judetul Satu Mare









Product catalogs

70   - Rehau Euro Design 70
80   - Rehau Synego 80 MD
86   - Rehau Geneo

France Catalog
Italian Catalog 
German Calalog
English Catalog 


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Our Responsible    export /country Responsible Export / Contry