Roller blinds


Aluminum exterior roller blinds are available in a wide range of colors, according to the customer's wishes and are designed to protect the window from the weather and to completely obstruct the access of light into the room

Besides stylish appearance, their role is also to prevent thieves from breaking into the room and they can be equipped with safety accessories that will in no way allow for their forcible lifting from the outside.

They are particularly resistant to prolonged sunlight and environmental factors and provide good thermal and sound insulation. By mounting them between 4 and 7 cm from the window, an insulating layer is formed between the window and the environment. Thus, roller blinds costs will pay off in time as indoor heat is no longer lost.

They have the quality of sound protection, studies have shown that in the case of professional mounting - the contact surfaces are perfectly joined – thus, reducing the outside noise by up to 10dB. The type of material it is made of and its quality ensures stability in time, the maneuverability of this type of rolls is particularly high, making it even easier for children to operate.

If desired, complex drive systems can be provided to ensure that rollers are lifted / lowered in time or depending on the intensity of the solar radiation. External blinds have the role of protecting the window from the weather and completely obstructing the access of light to the room. It is made in two constructive versions: with extruded PVC blades with insulated air chamber or aluminum foil filled with polyurethane foam. Both versions are particularly resistant to prolonged sunshine and environmental factors and provide good thermal and sound insulation.

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